Curiosity, positivity, kindness, and a ‘start with why’ approach! Also some dope designs.

360 feedback from a colleague, May 2020

I’m an in-house lead product designer at fast-growing Series B startup Farewill. I like to join the dots between complex problems and outcomes in a kind, open and deeply collaborative way.

As a manager and senior member of the design team I try to listen, support and help others be the best they can be.

Tom Hiskey at a design crit with Farewill colleagues

User manual

I’ve been inspired to write a user manual (aka a manual of me) by the likes of Dan, Cassie and Richard. I hope by being open I’ll help others empathise with me, so we can work together better.

  • In a team, collaborating. I need to be free to bring my whole self to work – I can’t and won’t put on a show. I’ve worked mainly remotely for many years and have a great home office setup. It suits me, but I need a mix – perhaps a day or two in the office each week, pandemics permitting. I like to be positive I’m told I’m always smiling at work – although I’m sure that’s not true, and it’s helpful to me to be honest if I’m feeling down.

  • Regularly, openly and honestly – the more we can normalise this the better. I’m hugely grateful to anyone who helps me improve through feedback (I find the COIN framework helps).

  • I’m not at my best before 10am or after 5pm – I prefer to avoid meetings during these times. I keep regular hours and very rarely work past 6pm, when I eat dinner with my family. I never send or read work messages out of hours, and I discourage others who do. There’s nothing more important to my happiness and productivity than a good work-life balance.

  • Ideally, politely – I’m a sucker for a ‘how are you?’, a please and a thanks. But I’m respectful of other peoples’ communication styles, so please be yourself. I don’t like Slack for anything other than simple, short messages – for anything complicated or at risk of being misconstrued, I much prefer to chat in person. If I’m stressed or feeling defensive, I try to have a good night’s sleep before responding.

  • Swoops and poops. Loudness. People who don’t listen actively. Egos.

  • Other teammates contributing to the design process – it’s all about outcomes, not egos. Being part of a creative, engaged team. Learning. New experiences. Dad jokes. Puns.

  • Communication · Collaboration · Empathy · Kindness · Research · Usability · UI · Content design · Service design · Openness · Leading projects · Contributing to culture

  • E-commerce · Sales · Branding · Native apps · Haptics · Pixel perfect interactions · Illustration · Animation · Coding

  • Coming soon

  • I consider myself on the border of extrovert and introvert, but my Myers Briggs personality is ENFJ

I’m frequently in awe at how Tom can take in what seems to be something incredibly complex or vague and loosely defined and produce out the other side a really clear and well understood model, diagram, design or kick-off document

360 feedback from a colleague, May 2020