A few things I’ve written recently. I tend to add new stuff to Medium.

Introducing Feedback Sense Check — your companion for better feedback · Medium, June 2023
Feedback is a gift, but it can trigger emotions which cause us to make irrational choices. Feedback Sense Check is a free tool I created with colleagues, to help give and receive feedback in a better way.

Less faff, more capybaras · Medium, March 2023
Thriva’s design team wanted to work more transparently. So we introduced a simple, visual Trello board, featuring the world’s largest rodent.

Re-designing Thriva’s results experience · Medium, Sep 2022
A case study from Thriva’s CRD team. How our three design disciplines work together and with others, from discovery to build.

How I decreased my website’s carbon emissions by 88% · Medium, Nov 2022
That’s right — websites have a carbon footprint. Here are 6 simple steps I took to do a teeny bit of good for the world.

How we made personas to help us empathise with customers · Farewill, July 2021
Personas are a tool to help product teams make customer-centred decisions. We wanted ours to be useful, relevant, unbiased and inclusive.

Planning a joyfully deliberate day off · Medium, May 2021
I’ve had plenty of ups and downs in the last 12 months. On the plus side, I feel I’ve learned more about my mental health. And I’ve discovered something that helps — a joyfully deliberate day off.

I rebuilt my website the hard way – again · Sep 2020
Having rebuilt my website the hard way last year, I decided to rebuild my website the hard way, again…

I rebuilt my website the hard way · Dec 2019
Static site generators, Nunjucks, Git, Jekyll, Terminal, code editors…

Design for print – achieving the best colours and blacks · Aug 2016
I digress from the usual topic of UX to share some lessons from my recent foray into design for print, which was challenging, rewarding and fun.

A few fabulous UX lessons from NUX4 · Oct 2015
Yesterday was the fourth Northern User Experience conference in Manchester. A hugely impressive event, particularly considering it’s organised by an army of volunteers.